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The Company

The Company

STC is a Spanish company founded in 2000. It is dedicated to the distribution of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles.

STC specializes in spare parts such as rubber, metal, rubber-metal and plastic products. The company covers the need for these parts in most of the international fleet, whether Asian and/or European cars. STC has a strong presence in Spain, Purtugal and Italian and it has a additional export activity outside the European Community. In this context, STC is already strengthening its brand in the markets...
Our Products

Our Products

The main products distributed are rubber, metal, rubber-metal and plastic car spare parts.

It also has a catalog of control cables, clutch, brake, accelerator, etc., that together offer more than 8,000 references covering 90% of all European and Asian vehicles. The products are STC quality certified or its equivalent, in accordance with the directives of the European Communities. In addition to distributing the components of the STC brand, the company uses other brands, which are useful...