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Turbo hoses expands

STC expands its successful turbo hose family together with new pulleys references


Turbo hose family already has an amount of 389 references 74 of which are new unique incorporation, being added at the last 185 launched this last May. On the other hand, STC is also adding 32 new pulleys and is offering 31 existing pulleys with its bolt.

Barcelona, May 20th, 2017.-STC, European leader supplier of aftermarket spare parts of rubber and metal for the automotive industry, expands its turbo hose family with 74 new references that are suitable for a total of 1,000 applications. In this way, the company offers a total of 389 turbo hose references proper for 10,000 applications. This ampliation has already triplicate the references they were able to offer at the top of this year, incrementing de references that apply to the most common brands on the European car park. Moreover, STC take the opportunity of this launching to communicate the addition of 32 new pulleys applicable mostly to the Asian car park.

Roger Llorens, STC’s Managing Director: 'Within each launching it is shown the most sincerely policy in our firm, that it is not other than offering to our customers a huge range of products of each area in order to supply the items that adjust better to the needs of quality and price required by the market. Given the success of the previous ampliation, we have kept on the way to adding and improving diagrams that show the location of the hose in the supercharger system'.

The turbo hoses are critical components that can influence to the proper functioning of the vehicle. In this sense, STC submits its spare parts to severe quality controls that guarantee a high reliability of the product, which is equivalent to the original equipment but at a more competitive price, and what supposes an important economic saving to the final consumer. Furthermore, the company’s rubber and metal turbo hoses have been produced with the best compounds, have gone through an accurate vulcanization process and are able to support high temperatures, as the heat is part of the turbocharging process.

The company already has the new turbo hoses replacements available in its warehouse in order to supply the distributors with an immediate delivery service. At the same time, all the replacements are incorporated in Tecdoc, offering complete and updated information that allows the client to identify each piece, to check their availability and to acquire them through an online e-commerce platform, which is exclusive for distributors.

The new references have been added to the STC’s general catalog, which is the most extensive of the market as well as the largest launched through the entire history of the company, offering over 7,800 rubber and metal references for more than 23,000 applications that are suitable to most of the vehicles of the international car park. The company keep working on the development of the most moved spare parts, as well as they did this last month with the renewal of its timing kits catalog, quadruplexing its references.

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